Training W33 – More progress and busy hobby week

I went for a long trail run (11,63 kilometers) on Sunday to Sipoonkorpi and was pretty tired and exhausted this week still too. Although I was tired the run was great and it felt pretty easy so I can see some progress there too as earlier closer to 10 k’s and usually I have been already a bit more tired. Now I was able to run to the end and could have done a few more k’s too.

Other than that week was pretty easy, but still accumulated a lot of k’s because my monitor calculates from Sunday to Sunday and next weeks long run happened to be on Saturday already (orienteering).

I haven’t done orienteering for a while because I got so badly lost last time in May that I thought I’d better read a book about the subject before next time. I did just that and now had much better understanding of the maps and the dots and colors. This time it was so much easier and only got lost once so I can see some progress there too. Looking forward to next time next Saturday again!

Hopefully next week I will be able to get a bit more routine and even go the gym as missed that completely this week. I have had also two concerts with my choir in the past two weeks which means more practice and booked evenings = no time to do training.

But there is a week next week too so not beating myself up too much.


  • Trail running 15.72 kilometers
  • Orienteering 10.1 kilometers
  • Cycling 5.42 kilometers with daughter so easy!


  • Two gym training’s a week, warm up HIIT running/Stair climbing/Cross trainer – Target: To increase muscle strength and toning. Emphasis on upper body and core.
  • One HIIT run a week. Either on treadmill or lunch break run depending on weather. Target: To increase oxygen intake.
  • One gym class training a week, this would be whatever fits my schedule. Could be yoga, strength, core or dance. Target: Just to get active and have variety on the plan plus I pay for it anyway! OR one wall climbing training Target: To increase upper body muscles and activate muscles needed for climbing in a bit more steep conditions.
  • One shorter “normal” run a week. This can be trail or basic running outside. Target: Increase general endurance and stamina.
  • Optional! One low HR long run a week minimum 10 kilometers. Target: Increase general endurance and stamina. Usually I do this in a National park so it would be a trail run.

Would you like to support my cause?

You can do that through my JustGiving page. Every euro helps me to achieve my target of 2000 EUR which will go directly to help children through Unicef UK. Thank you in advance ❀

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