Training W40 – Highs and lows with a lot of hiking

This was the long awaited week when we went hiking to Lake District. Unfortunately I got the flu so was a bit unwell in the beginning of the week and not sure if I could even join the climbs.

Luckily the worst was over and I managed to get myself to Manchester and up all the three fells we had on agenda. Our pace was slow and steady so my HR did not get too high and kept monitoring it all the time with my sports watch. Normally it goes down to around 48 at some point during the day so as long as it would stay close to there was no need to worry.

I felt OK after the first day, I mean tired, but OK so the virus had already passed and I was on the mend. Taking it one day at a time and allowing yourself the option to quit at any point was a good tactic.

Hopefully this cough will pass soon so that I can go for a run because my motivation is really high now and I want to push myself harder. Every breath counts and I need be able to take as much oxygen out of each breath as I possibly can. I will probably do a bit different training plan for the coming months than I have so far. Not quite sure what yet, but I need to consult a few professionals on this (like my brother who is running a gym called SCROK in Kokkola, my hometown).

Luckily though my leg doesn’t hurt at all anymore and the “hard lump” where the stump hit worst is almost gone too. Orienteering season is over anyway for me and let’s see next spring if I will give it a try again.


  • Running 13,8 kilometers
  • Hiking 24,55 kilometers
  • No other sports due to flu

Two of three Lake District hikes were on W 40 statistics and the last one will be on W 41.

Weekly training target

  • Two gym training’s a week, warm up HIIT running/Stair climbing/Cross trainer – Target: To increase muscle strength and toning. Emphasis on upper body and core.
  • One HIIT run a week. Either on treadmill or lunch break run depending on weather. Target: To increase oxygen intake.
  • One gym class training a week, this would be whatever fits my schedule. Could be yoga, strength, core or dance. Target: Just to get active and have variety on the plan plus I pay for it anyway! OR one wall climbing training Target: To increase upper body muscles and activate muscles needed for climbing in a bit more steep conditions.
  • One shorter “normal” run a week. This can be trail or basic running outside. Target: Increase general endurance and stamina.
  • Optional! One low HR long run a week minimum 10 kilometers. Target: Increase general endurance and stamina. Usually I do this in a National park so it would be a trail run.

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