Training W51 – Year ending and Kili preparations

End of the year is approaching fast and I’ve been able to train fairly well lately. I am trying to go to the gym twice a week to either classes or just generally to train. Running on the treadmill makes it easier to do HIIT training and I have managed to run at max 11.5 km/h speed without getting too exhausted which is again something I never could have dreamed of before.

I have found nice routes around the new neighborhood and a new favorite spot at the top of a cliff at the end of a trail which is even higher than around my previous house. The feature photo is from the other side where the “new favorite spot” cliff is. It is in the middle of the forest and you can hardly hear the highway there although it is near, but in the city it’s hard to find spots where there is no lights or no sounds no matter how small the city. All in all we are really happy about the move and beginning to settle in nicely finding our way around everything.

With end of the year around the corner I have also had to start thinking about preparations to be ready for Kilimanjaro like the doctors approval letter, vaccinations, things for the kit list and visa. It seems like there was a lot of time and now suddenly there is no time to make huge differences. Surely I could improve my oxygen intake even more but reality is that there is only a little over a month to go. It is starting to get real.

I will try to make the best of the remaining time concentrating on HIIT training, running and doing simply what ever sport I like the most and trying to relax before the big climb.


  • Two basic runs. 9 kilometers and 8.96 kilometers
  • One trail run 4,8 kilometers
  • One Gym training
  • One HIIT run on treadmill 8 minutes
  • “Stair climber” 11 minutes (50 floors)


  • Two gym training sessions a week, warm up walking to the gym/rowing machine – Target: To increase muscle strength and toning. Emphasis on butt, back of the legs and core to increase stability of hips and legs to support running.
  • Two shorter runs a week. This can be trail or basic running outside. MAX 4 kilometers. I may increase the amount if my leg does not start hurting in a few week… Let’s see. Target: Just to be able to run in the first place!
  • Optional! One exercise training a week, this would be whatever fits my schedule. Could be yoga, strength, core, dance or indoor wall climbing/ bouldering . Target: Just to get active and have variety on the plan.
  • Compulsory! Stretching and foam rolling after each training Target: To reduce the risk of getting an IT band inflammation in the future

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