Training W52 – Activity full week with a painful end

Last week was full of training with whopping 9 activities and 7 hours of training in total. No wonder my arm disagreed and I ended up having a nerve entrapment that caused intense pain that just got worse by time. I had to go to the ER in the end as I could not have slept and felt like I was about to faint with the pain.

Well no pain no gain, so what can you do but wait until the pain subsides and continue.

Other than that I was on the roll and loved every minute of it. Got to go indoor climbing without kids so I was able to actually climb as much as I wanted. Hmm..This might have had something to do with the nerve entrapment… Still a good week in all and nice Christmas break.

Looking forward to new coming year and approaching Kilimanjaro challenge. It’s getting very real now with only 5 weeks to go!


  • Two times to gym
  • One indoor climbing
  • One Zumba dance class
  • Two runs. One 3,2 kilometers and one 7,2 kilometers
  • One trail run 13,4 kilometers
  • One walk 1,7 kilometers


  • Two gym training’s a week, warm up HIIT running/Stair climbing/Cross trainer – Target: To increase muscle strength and toning. Emphasis on upper body and core.
  • One HIIT run a week. Either on treadmill or lunch break run depending on weather. Target: To increase oxygen intake.
  • One gym class training a week, this would be whatever fits my schedule. Could be yoga, strength, core or dance. Target: Just to get active and have variety on the plan plus I pay for it anyway! OR one wall climbing training Target: To increase upper body muscles and activate muscles needed for climbing in a bit more steep conditions.
  • One shorter “normal” run a week. This can be trail or basic running outside. Target: Increase general endurance and stamina.
  • Optional! One low HR long run a week minimum 10 kilometers. Target: Increase general endurance and stamina. Usually I do this in a National park so it would be a trail run.

Still time to sponsor me

I am really close to my target of getting vaccines, water, shelter and education to children in need through Unicef UK (only around 170 EUR away) and would greatly appreciate you helping me in achieving it. You can do that through my JustGiving page. Every euro, dollar, pound helps me to achieve my target of 2000 EUR which will go directly to help children through Unicef UK. Thank you in advance ❤

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