Training – W3/2020 Back to gym and good news

Got the doctors approval letter for Kili and my hemoglobin levels are also now OK back to “my normal” which is around 120-125 but ferritin level is still too low and I need to keep taking iron.

Training front. Not aching anywhere so could have gone to gym normally but went only once. For obvious reason I am a bit reluctant to do massive training as I do not want to injure myself.

Back to running though and aim to do a few longer hikes still. It seems like life gets busier and busier the closer we get to the date and everything is just spiralling around one date… 11 th of February.


  • Running 11 kilometers
  • Gym once times
  • Stair climber at gym to 100 floors so approx 330 ascent
  • Hiking 13,8 kilometers

Training plan

No plan… just trying to take it easy, do some basic exercise and a few longer hikes

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