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Modelling – Ad/Photo/runway model

  • Model at Already Oy 96-98, photo model, runway model, tv-movie extra roles
  • Model, Fashion Model Agency Finland Oy 2019 – current
  • Photo model, “Mom’s diary” 2013
  • Runway model fundraiser for Cancer council Australia 2013
  • Modelling course 2019, Fashion Model Agency Finland Oy
  • Runway model, student fashion show 2019
  • KatiKaa brand name 2019 – Model/tv/movie extra, Blogger, Trekker, Runner
  • Student photoshoots 2020, Kadri Shola Photography
  • STILL Photos for Anjo Allee Hats and Tarina-asu 2020
  • Video ad and STILL photos for internal communications – Työterveylaitos 2020
  • Ladyvita video ad, distribution Finland, Grillifilms Oy, 2020 (live Jan 2021, main role, in showreel)
  • HSL video ad, distribution metropolitan area, Elokuvatuotantoyhtiö Mjölk, 2021 (live feb 2021 not visible role)
  • TT Gaskets, brandvideo in Finnish and English, Koju Film Company 2021 (coming summer 2021)

Critical info

  • Age: 47 years
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight :66 kg
  • Shoes: 41 EU
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Long light brown
  • Top: 36/38
  • Bottom: 38
  • No piercings or tattoos


2021 Official

Photos taken by Marek Sabogal Photography Finland April 2021

I have learned so much in the past few years and this “hobby” has become more serious and an everyday part of my life.

I wanted to refresh my photos especially with movit/tv/modelling casting in mind and suitable opportunity came when Filmityö offered collaboration with Marek Sabogal.

I took a look at his photos and immediately booked a time. So happy with the result!

2020 Official

Photos taken at Fashion Model Agency, Finland by Julia Borodina April 2020.

In the midst Covid-19 I had my portfolio shoot to freshen up my photos. I felt like I had changed in just one year so much that new photos were needed.

Besides… Every shoot is a way to learn something new. You practise, you learn, you practise more, you learn more.

In this hobby same applies as in all other ones. Practise makes perfect! And if not, at least you learned something!

2020 Autumn

Photos taken by Photography and Design by Kadri Shola Autumn 2020 at Tammisto nature reserve and Pyhä Lauri Church at Vantaa, Finland.

We managed to find some beautiful colors just before the trees became bare.

I am definitely an Autumn person and love all shades of orange, brown, red and yellow that surround us during this magical time of the year.

2020 Summer

Photos taken by Photography and Design by Kadri Shola Summer 2020 at Lake Kuusijärvi recreation area, Vantaa

The smoke Sauna log walls turned out to be a perfect setting in the evening sun.

2019 Official

Photos taken at Fashion Model agency Finland, Helsinki by Julia Borodina.

This was my portfolio shoot after the modelling course I joined after “a few years” and children (four) in between.

It was doing something I love and enjoying it! I felt like this was just the beginning of the journey!

Younger official

Believe it or not but there was a time when modelling photos were black and white mostly. Internet and websites were a new thing, but these three photos were on the website of the agency back then.

These are from years -96 to -98. Portfolio was a physical portfolio and modelling agency had a folded thin cardboard photo collage of each of the models for that “season”.

Other photos

I have always loved being photographed so various photos have collected through out the years.

Here few of motherhood as it has been an important part of my life ❤

Also a few face shots taken at the same shoot by Hannah Photography, Australia, Brisbane Year 2013. Naturally the pregnancy photo was taken at a different photo shoot before the photos with the bub that came out, but yes it’s the same baby as in the pregnancy photo, my youngest ❤

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