Movie/TV extra

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Movie/TV extra


  • Develop your role character course, Vantaan työväenopisto 2020-2021
  • Screen acting workshop, Actors Academy Finland, 2021
  • Actors advanced studies course, Espoon työväenopisto 2021- ongoing
  • Filmography on IMDB IMDB

Speaking roles, bit parts (year when filmed)

  • Bit part (speaking role), One of the girls in the pink army in movie “Vääpeli Körmy ja kahtesti laukeava” 1997
  • Bit part (speaking role), Kullannuput, Moskito Television/Yle Areena, 2020
  • Extra two scenes (one with speaking role), Next of Kin, Suomen Elokuvasäätiö/ElisaViihde, 2020
  • Bit part (speaking role) two scenes, Secretary, Salatut Elämät, Fremantle Finland Oy/Mtv3, 2020
  • Extra multiple scenes and bit part (speking role), Police officer, Roba season 5, Yellow Film & TV/Cmore 2020/2021
  • One scene, Season 3 Modernit Miehet, Party guest,Moskito Television/YleAreena, 2021

Voice over experience

  • Nyrkki Season 2. Zodiak Finland Oy/ElisaViihde, 2020
  • TT gaskets brand and factory introduction video, Koju Film Company, 2021

Critical info

  • Age: 47 years
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight :66 kg
  • Shoes: 41 EU
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Long light brown
  • Top: 36/38
  • Bottom: 38

Extra/movie-tv appearances (year when filmed/photographed)

  • Music video extra in “M.A. Numminen meets Schubert” 1997
  • Extra in movie “The Jackal” 1997
  • Extra in movie “Neitoperho” 1997
  • Main role in a music video for “Suvivirsi” , YoungField Films oy, 2020, “Mother”
  • Extra two scenes in movie Rikinkeltainen Taivas, Solar Films Inc Oy, 2020, “Customer at a book fair” and “Coctail party guest”
  • Extra two scenes in movie Luokkakokous 3, Solar Films Inc Oy, 2020, “Guest at breakfast” and “Guest in a Karaoke bar”
  • Performer in a music video “Your love”, 2020, “Singer”
  • Extra one scene series Sunnuntailounas season 3, episode 6, Yellowfilm & TV Oy, 2020, “Audience in the court room”
  • Extra two scenes series Papisto, YLE, 2020, “Wedding and Funeral”
  • Extra two scenes children’s movie Supermarsu 2, Yellowfilm, & TV Oy, 2020, “Mother”
  • Extra two scenes series Onnela season 4, Zodiak Finland Oy/Cmore Suomi, 2020, “Student Spanish lesson” and “Guest at a Salsa nightclub”
  • Extra three scenes, Nyrkki Season 2. Zodiak Finland Oy/ElisaViihde, 2020, “Attendee at a riot”
  • Extra one scene, Syke, Yellowfilm & TV, 2020, “Patient on stretcer”
  • Extra one scene, Audience, Movie Vuosisadan häät, Helsinki Filmi, 2020, “Attendee at a conference”
  • Extra one scene movie Sorjonen ja Muraalimurhat, Fisher King Oy, 2020, Yle, Netflix, “The Judge”
  • Extra multiple scenes movie Omerta 6/12, Cinematic, 2020/2021, “Pedestrian in a chase scene” and “Security service officer”
  • Extra two scenes Karkurit, Yellow Film & TV/Cmore, 2020, “Crime investigator”
  • Extra two scenes Maria Kallio, Zodiak Finland Oy/Cmore, 2020, “Guest at a club”
  • Extra two scenes Hotelli Swan, Yellow Film & TV/Cmore, 2020, “Hotel guest” and “Guest at a night club”
  • Multiple scenes, True crime series, Aitomedia, 2021, “Customs officer”
  • One scene, Sijainen, Helsinki Filmi 2021, “Obstetrician”
  • One scene, Hautalehto; Kylmä Syli, Solar Films inc, 2021, “Couple”
  • Multiple scenes, Omerta 6/12, Cinematic 2021, “Secret service operations agent”
  • One scene, Political satire, Yle, 2021, “Bystander”
  • Music video, Grillifilms 2021
  • Multiple scenes, Helsinki Syndrome 2021. Fisher King, “Neighbour mom” and “Protester”
  • Multiple scenes, Swang 2021, Kaiho Rebublic, “Parent at a musical audience”
  • Multiple scenes, TV Series Paratiisi 2021, Reelmedia, “Police officer”
  • Multiple scenes, TV series Aikuiset 2021, Yellow Film & TV/Yle 2021, Guest at a family party

Youtube interview for Unicef Finland – 2021

U-tuubi interview for Unicef – 2021

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