Modelling with style and singing with attitude!

And it certainly is not as easy as it sounds, but yes, after all these years I am now modelling again after four children and it feels like I never stopped. I love the camera and the camera seems to love me. It comes naturally to both of us so we like to hang around. I also like fashion, styling and colour play that make aesthetically nice combinations. A great photo is a great photo and what I aim for in my work (or video!). My sense of style and situation help the project to finish smoothly on time without extra hassle on explaining details. The ability to understand and follow director/photographer directions easily make me a valuable colleague in any photo/video project.

As for singing I am a “serious amateur singer” and have been singing all my life. I have trained hard and different genres. I have found my good and my bad and polished them both. I have hard time keeping quiet and there is always a tune playing in my head. Some say I must love my own voice to keep singing all the time, well not really, I just like to train my vocal chords as much as possible and find (or make) some new tunes to train them with!

My motto #1 “There is always room to learn” – Life is a journey and every day you can take one piece with you to the next day.

My motto #2 “There is a time for everything” – For this moment, for the day before and tomorrow. It may feel hard at times, but nothing lasts forever.

My motto #3 “Don’t waste your time trying to change the things you can’t control. Spend your time making the change to the ones you can”.

I work in Helsinki, Finland. Feel free to contact me in any modelling/tv-movie extra/singing opportunities you might find me suitable for. I have experience in photo model/runway model/movie-tv extra roles (also speaking roles) in addition to singing with bigger groups/choirs to smaller acapella/solo singing with band or just with piano/guitar.

I enjoy challenges and like to be involved and active so if you have a good idea let’s make it happen! Contact kati.kaarila (at) gmail.com


2020 Official

Photos taken at Fashion Model Agency, Finland by Julia Borodina April 2020.

In the midst Covid-19 I had my portfolio shoot to freshen up my photos. I felt like I had changed in just one year so much that new photos were needed.

Besides… Every shoot is a way to learn something new. You practise, you learn, you practise more, you learn more.

In this hobby same applies as in all other ones. Practise makes perfect! And if not, at least you learned something!

2020 Autumn

Photos taken by Photography and Design by Kadri Shola Autumn 2020 at Tammisto nature reserve and Pyhä Lauri Church at Vantaa, Finland.

We managed to find some beautiful colors just before the trees became bare.

I am definitely an Autumn person and love all shades of orange, brown, red and yellow that surround us during this magical time of the year.

2020 Summer

Photos taken by Photography and Design by Kadri Shola Summer 2020 at Lake Kuusijärvi recreation area, Vantaa

The smoke Sauna log walls turned out to be a perfect setting in the evening sun.

2019 Official

Photos taken at Fashion Model agency Finland, Helsinki by Julia Borodina.

This was my portfolio shoot after the modelling course I joined after “a few years” and children (four) in between.

It was doing something I love and enjoying it! I felt like this was just the beginning of the journey!

Younger official

Believe it or not but there was a time when modelling photos were black and white mostly. Internet and websites were a new thing, but these three photos were on the website of the agency back then.

These are from years -96 to -98. Portfolio was a physical portfolio and modelling agency had a folded thin cardboard photo collage of each of the models for that “season”.

Other photos

I have always loved being photographed so various photos have collected through out the years.

Here few of motherhood as it has been an important part of my life ❤

Also a few face shots taken at the same shoot by Hannah Photography, Australia, Brisbane Year 2013. Naturally the pregnancy photo was taken at a different photo shoot before the photos with the bub that came out, but yes it’s the same baby as in the pregnancy photo, my youngest ❤


Extra/movie-tv appearances (year when filmed/photographed)

  • Music video extra in “M.A. Numminen meets Schubert” 1997
  • Extra in movie “The Jackal” 1997
  • Extra in movie “Neitoperho” 1997
  • Main role of mother in a music video for “Suvivirsi” , YoungField Films oy, 2020
  • Extra two scenes in movie Rikinkeltainen Taivas, Solar Films Inc Oy, 2020
  • Extra two scenes in movie Luokkakokous 3, Solar Films Inc Oy, 2020
  • Performer in a music video “Your love”, 2020
  • Extra one scene series Sunnuntailounas season 3, episode 6, Yellowfilm & TV Oy, 2020
  • Extra two scenes series Papisto, YLE, 2020
  • Extra two scenes children’s movie, Yellowfilm, & TV Oy, 2020
  • Extra two scenes series Onnela season 4, Zodiak Finland Oy/Cmore Suomi, 2020
  • Extra three scenes, Nyrkki Season 2. Zodiak Finland Oy/ElisaViihde, 2020
  • Extra one scene, Patient on stretcer, Syke, Yellowfilm & TV, 2020
  • Extra one scene, Audience, Movie Vuosisadan häät, Helsinki Filmi, 2020
  • Extra one scene movie Sorjonen ja Muraalimurhat, Fisher King Oy, 2020, Yle, Netflix
  • Extra one scene movie Omerta 6/12, Cinematic, 2020
  • Extra one scene Karkurit, Yellow Film & TV/Cmore, 2020
  • Extra two scenes Maria Kallio, Zodiak Finland Oy/Cmore, 2020
  • Extra on scene Hotelli Swan, Yellow Film & TV/Cmore, 2020

Speaking roles, bit parts (year when filmed)

  • Filmography on IMDB (my maiden surname) IMDB
  • Filmography on IMDB (current surname) IMDB
  • Bit part (speaking role), One of the girls in the pink army in movie “Vääpeli Körmy ja kahtesti laukeava” 1997
  • Bit part (speaking role), Kullannuput, Moskito Television/Yle Areena, 2020
  • Extra two scenes (one with speaking role), Next of Kin, Suomen Elokuvasäätiö/ElisaViihde, 2020
  • Bit part (speaking role) two scenes, Secretary, Salatut Elämät, Fremantle Finland Oy/Mtv3, 2020
  • Extra multiple scenes and bit part (speking role) Roba season 5, Yellow Film & TV/Cmore 2020/2021

Modelling – Photo/runway model

  • Model at Already Oy 96-98, photo model, runway model, tv-movie extra roles
  • Model, Fashion Model Agency Finland Oy 2019 – current
  • Photo model, “Mom’s diary” 2013
  • Runway model fundraiser for Cancer council Australia 2013
  • Modelling course 2019, Fashion Model Agency Finland Oy
  • Runway model, student fashion show 2019
  • KatiKaa brand name 2019 – Model/tv/movie extra, Blogger, Trekker, Runner
  • Student photoshoots 2020, Kadri Shola Photography
  • STILL Photos for Anjo Allee Hats and Tarina-asu 2020
  • Video ad and STILL photos for internal communications – Työterveylaitos 2020
  • Ladyvita video ad, distribution Finland, Grillifilms Oy, 2020 (live Jan 2021)
  • HSL video ad, distribution metropolitan area, Elokuvatuotantoyhtiö Mjölk, 2021 (coming early 2021)


  • Interview of entrepreneurship alongside your normal work at Ukko.fi (only in Finnish unfortunately)
  • Unicef Finland Ad/interview for Youtube channel U-tuubi, to be published 2021

Voice over experience

  • Nyrkki Season 2. Zodiak Finland Oy/ElisaViihde, 2020

Critical info

  • Age: 47 years
  • Height: 179 cm
  • Weight :66 kg
  • Shoes: 41 EU
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Hair: Long light brown
  • Top: 36/38
  • Bottom: 38


” Kiitos vielä mukanaolostasi projektissa, todella hienosti ja ammattimaisesti hoidit hommasi.” , Jari Kaatrasalo, YoungField Films Oy, 2020


Experience in choir singing both classical and pop/jazz. Currently in Gospel choir called Gospel Helsinki. Can easily do harmonies and improvise. Interested both in singing in group/choir or solo. High soprano. Range from around C3 up to F6. Able to record remotely both video and audio. Feel free to contact in any music projects. Contact kati.kaarila (at) gmail.com or through my FB page/what’s app.



  • Lead singer in a pop band and Back-up singer for a pop band 1997
  • Church choir, Finland, Pornainen 2005-2007
  • Church choir, Australia, Caboolture 2009
  • Community choir, Australia, Brisbane 2011
  • Helsingin Laulu choir, Finland, Helsinki 2014-2018
  • Gospel Helsinki choir, Finland, Helsinki 2019-2020
  • Various other smaller performances/projects solo and with choirs 2014-2020
  • Suomen suurin virtuaalikuoro 2020
  • Various other virtual choirs 2020


  • 18 credit units in Sibelius Academy/Taide yliopisto – folk, pop and classical music history basics, jazz singing basics, Afro-American music harmony and rhythm basics, elderly people music pedagogic course
  • 2/3 Music theory, Open university, Sibelius Academy
  • Jazz/pop music individual singing lessons 4 years
  • Classical music individual singing lessons 4 years
  • Various music courses through Coursera.org with certificate – Songwriting, Introduction to guitar, Developing your musicianship Chord chart, diatonic chords and minor keys 2015-2016
  • Piano lessons here and there through out the years – self taught to play to assist singing/practising (not a piano player!)

Recent projects

During corona time all musicians have had to adjust the way they practise, collaborate and make music together.

I have been part of a few projects which I have enjoyed so much. They have also taught me so much about singing, about solidarity and that we truly are one world and we can do so many good things together if we just join our forces.

Kati & Will “projects”

Me and my colleague musician Will from UK have done quite a few projects together (and with a few other musicians in the company especially now during covid-19 time).

This was created as company fundraiser for a spring festival in August 2020 (virtual of course ).

It worked out quite nice with me in the melody and choir and Will on the guitar.

Gospel Helsinki – My choir

We created this video to pass on the message of Gospel during these times. Like many choirs we have made the decision to move our 20 year anniversary concert one year forward. Singing will not cease on the contrary we will be looking at new exciting ways to rehearse!

Suomen suurin Virtuaalikuoro – “Largest Virtual choir of Finland”

Finlandia hymn in the honour of the war veterans on the Veteran’s day of Finland 27.4.2020. Requested by the State Council.

Pidä Huolta – “Take care” first project when corona virus time began to lift the spirit up and sing together.

Kevät ja minä – “Spring and me” requested by the Ministry of education for the school year ending celebrations since we were not able to attend to any festivities.


Keep on Dreaming – This was a worldwide collaboration and I enjoyed the song so much. Especially making the video and empathizing with the emotion as this was done very early in the covid-19 time, but took a while before it was published. You can spot me around 0:28-0:37 seconds starting from the right hand middle corner.


We have done some collaboration with my colleague during corona time. He is in UK and I am here in Finland. We got some more songs coming up so stay tuned and watch my Soundcloud channel. First one was a fundraiser for Kilimanjaro, but that is not publishable 😉

This however is Angel (Sarah McLachlan cover) and just my colleague William Morris on the guitar and me singing.

Found this old cover of Bronislau Kaper’s piece Invitation recorded during my singing lessong. Wanted to share it because the melody is so catchy and mellow. Good old jazz standards!

The Collective Virtual choir

I just love this virtual choir and the spirit they have. So many different countries and ages. The first project I was involved with was a song called “One Voice”.

If you wish to join the choir please check The Collective Virtual choir FB page for more info

One Voice